Flight Attendants

flight attendants
Apr. 22.
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Starting my own poetry corner

Mar. 30.
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Poetry Librarian Icon
Mar. 30.

Poem – One thing leads…

A kiss, One hug, Two hugs,
And maybe a little groping…
Soon there is fondling and suddenly,
“Whoa! Where’s that thing going!?!”

[originally posted on deviantart]

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Posted to DeviantArt: http://fav.me/d6ln7hd
Sep. 10.

Meme: NOOB Hope poster

Strawberry Singh’s Monday Meme challenge time. This time the instructions were:

Take a RL meme and bring it into SL. Or, if you prefer, create a new meme of yourself

Aside from posting a previously made meme: http://fav.me/d5rblog

I also made the following picture (and may make one or two more during the week):

Posted to DeviantArt: http://fav.me/d6ln7hd

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Sep. 01.

Upgrade from Windows 8!

Taken from a social media post:

Sometimes, proprietary software actually helps us fight for freedom. Windows 8 is so bad it’s almost funny–it’s not only proprietary software full of spyware and security vulnerabilities, but it’s also confusing for would-be users. Lucky for us, Microsoft’s spectacular failure is the perfect time to help people switch to free software.


Related link: https://www.fsf.org/windows8


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Aug. 26.

How high is the virtual sky?


Ok so I’m starting to look for a way to do these comics regularly – to help with this I’ve joined Tumblr to run an “Ask Muddy” type of blog to encourage activity.

for for my first response I give your the following comic. It didn’t appear as good as I hoped on the tumblr site but I think with some adjustments future posts will turn out better. (I might go back to it to fix the pics up later)

Oh and “Vera” gets to make an appearance in my comic – so now it’s not all just one character now. More characters may appear in later episodes.


My comic is also posted on:
Tumblr “ask” blog: http://mudslinger-ning.tumblr.com/
Deviantart: http://mudslinger-ning.deviantart.com/
Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/mudslinger.ning/

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Towns Merchant Fleeing the Scene while my villagers are strill trying to give him merchandise. "Why you no buy mister???"