Podcast Series: Arse End of the Internet

My friends have formed a regular podcast that discusses random topics. While I am not one of the hosts. Who knows there may be the odd chance I might make the occasional appearance. Either way… ENJOY!


Ask ArseEnd is here! Ask us a question, and we will attempt to answer it like an absurd Agony Aunt!

The Arse End of the Internet is a podcast (also known as a netcast) that covers everything from the ridiculous to the sublime. We work with material posted to the ZGeek website plus your submissions and use them to talk shit. We should warn you though: if you’re easily offended by excessive swearing or by off-colour humour, we’re probably not the podcast for you.


New Year – New attempts at awesome stuff!

Everyone else makes “New Year Resolutions” – I simply revise my lifelong “To Do” list…

This year I think will be a year of many changes. A lot has been happening personally and it’s been a mammoth journey getting through it. Very soon I am hoping that once a few more dramas are sorted that I will have opportunities open up that will allow me to do many awesome and fun things.

Some of the things I am planning to get back into soon:

  • Get back into posting on my blog more regularly.
  • Make many more awesome secondlife and other virtual world images.
  • Possibly get back into making videos – mostly virtual world machinima styled.
  • Might even consider doing some “let’s play” or similar gaming videos.
  • Get out and do nerdy, geeky things such as sci-fi and fandom conventions.
  • I could even try some other arty/geeky projects on the side.

As previous blog visitors will notice – I’ve gone for a full re-theme for my blog. The previous layout was feeling a little awkward particularly on browsers that didn’t view it correctly.

I have been posting occasionally on my DeviantArt profile. I plan to keep this up as well as cross-post across a few other similar social profiles such as Flickr, Tumblr, etc..

I am tossing up the idea of changing out my youtube channel – it is still running off my old “madnashy” username. I have made a new Youtube Channel with the aim of using to more professionally publish some video works that I have planned. So “Watch this space!“. I am unsure yet on if I will get rid of the old identity or keep it around to share various scraps of video clips to friends.

I am somewhat abandoning my idea for a comic (Muddy Waters) – but there is a chance I may still make a comic strip for it from time to time depending on the inspirations I get.

I have been getting into other computer games lately with thanks to the “Steam for Linux” project by Valve opening up the floodgates for new possibilities.

Either way – it is going to be fun getting back into the swing of things…


What does chat spam taste like?

The story:

My instant chat messenger accounts (in this case it was skype) are usually quiet apart from some direct chatter from friends I know. But once in a while out of the blue I will get a sudden flirty person. Only to be disappointed that these online flirts are usually nothing but chat spam.

Now back in earlier days of the wild internet – chat scams and spam could be easily spotted in two ways: One was that you could tell you were chatting to a live person asking something from you who would be intelligent enough to give you dynamic responses. The other was spambots that just sent you a comment or two with a link that then hoped you’d follow the link.

This one I experienced seems to be part of a new tactic – using a dynamic AI chatbot to try and seem more convincing that you are talking to a person. (either that or someone’s damn good at following a series of prompts). What gave it away was a bit of the nature of how intelligent chatbots interact. They usually don’t say anything unless you say something back to them (in that they don’t act more randomly with their own well formed opinions on things) along with what I was suspecting – a URL to some shady sounding website.

Either way I thought I’d see how far this chat would go with a bit of my occasional style of cheekyness. – some of you will probably get a giggle out of parts of it. ENJOY!

The Chat – WARNING – it is a bit NSFW:

(chat names edited for identity reasons)

SPAMBOT: hey :)
Muddy: hello there
SPAMBOT: Hello … have we chatted before?? 23,female….you ?
Muddy: I am not sure – I just got a add-request from you
SPAMBOT: i’m sorry ….i get to be forgetful at times! how are u?
Muddy: I am ok – and you?
SPAMBOT: Just got online…..crazy week been kind of busy! but i’m feelin’ horny! so what’s up .. wanna have some fun ?   ;)
Muddy: oh? – well this is a surprise. A pleasant sounding surprise but I barely know you.. yet..  :)
SPAMBOT: I want a guy that can make me squirt….have you ever made a girl squirt?? hehehahaa
Muddy: I may have succeeded at some point. But I do need more practice.
SPAMBOT: going to change my underwear …. wanna see?  =)
Muddy: that depends – do you taste like chicken?
SPAMBOT: tastes good ;)
Muddy: finger lickin’?
SPAMBOT: mhhm finger it lolz
Muddy: ok then – yes I would like to see
SPAMBOT: wanna play on webcam ??
SPAMBOT: [WEBSITE URL REMOVED] click the Sign Up button on my profile ….ok,   now fill out ur information ,give it a sec to load…when you get in, I would luv for u to join me in private…..ok ??
Muddy: o.O
SPAMBOT: i use this website to play on cuz i don’t want to be recorded!!..this website does not allow members to record my webcam!! u know ??
Muddy: that might stop some – but it won’t stop everyone from recording a video
SPAMBOT: credit card is just to prove ur age, you will get in for free thru my page but you need to prove that you’re an adult ..can’t show tits and pussy to under agers, ya know ?
Muddy: that is true – but how many under age people would be sporting a decent beard?
SPAMBOT: i’m 23
Muddy: nice – I’m more 30-something
SPAMBOT: let me know when you’re done or if you need help ,i’ll be gettin’ ready for you ..ok ?  =)
Muddy: well I was getting interested until you asked me to join some other website
SPAMBOT: brb .. 1 sec … need to restart my cam ….you comin’?   :)
Muddy: I’d be more interested if you wanted a local meetup. But I doubt you live anywhere near me.
SPAMBOT: miami
Muddy: sorry – too far away for me
SPAMBOT: k ur ready lemme kno when ur in sweety …
Muddy: in where? Are you daring to ask me the dreaded “Is it in yet?”
SPAMBOT: r ya in yet ?
Muddy: *facepalms*
SPAMBOT: well hey ….u better gimmie some “gold” when you’re on the website l0l ….it’s like a flurt & I would some from ya  ..ok ??
Muddy: but you said the credit card would only be for age verification?
Muddy: well this has been entertaining – thankyou for being an interesting spambot
Muddy: and you are ok with that?
SPAMBOT: what’s taking you so long sexy i’m in here waitin for  ….
Muddy: you don’t really taste like chicken do you?
Muddy: what’s the matter? cat got your tounge?

At which point the chat has gone silent. Oh well – maybe the next “babe” that comes along will be a bit more fun to chat to.

Flight Attendants

Flight Attendants by mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Gave my two main secondlife avvies (Claire & Muddy) some new outfits.
There wasn’t many locations about to get a good screenshot with the airlines on display so I bought my own. Turned out better than I thought.

And NO! – I know what you guys are thinking – but these babes aren’t joining the mile high club! …. yet…