Ever checked your online footprint?

Over the years one’s online identity spreads to all sorts of corners of the internet. Been here.. Been there.. even seen things that make anyone blush! But in all these online travels – this has left online profiles all over the place.

There are online services I don’t use anymore – and some of it feels like excess baggage. Sure I may have used them in the past for a couple of things but I think it’s time some of these profiles bit the dust.

So this post is my way of identifying what stays and what goes. If you knew me via some services and wonder why I’m all quiet there or are no longer showing up – then this post will explain what I’m doing and where…

The things I am keeping active:

  • Second Life (It’s an addiction I’m willing to live with)
  • Deviant Art (my intended art showcase)
  • Fur Affinity (another art & furry related addiction)
  • Youtube (for all video needs)
  • Twitter (I’m not directly using it but I have stuff automatically posting to it like my youtube likes and it helps me show these activities on my blog site)

The things I am trying to cut back on: (seriously – these things are like addictions!)

  • Facebook (all I’m doing most the time is reposting other people’s funny pics)
  • Google Plus (G+) (same as my facebook issues – however it’s good to keep for the occasional qwipster “hangouts”)
  • Kondoot (not sure what to do with it yet – but likely to scrap it when google hangouts supports multi-way video chats)

What I’m giving the boot to: (I have not used them enough in recent times to bother keeping active)

  • Yahoo services Including Flickr
  • Diaspora (It’s got cool concepts and stuff – but I’m simply not active enough in it to stick around)
  • Vimeo (Youtube gives me better options at the moment)
  • Any other old online profile that I haven’t mentioned (or is afraid to mention).


So that’s my bit towards improving the online enviorment. Every little bit helps!

This is probably more about guiding myself towards new directions than anything else. I might edit this list as I find a few more profiles over the next few days.

But some food for thought amongst yourselves – how much of an online presence have you left behind?

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Tech support phone monkey by day, Online Furry creature addict at most other times...