I filled it up on the premium – now let’s roll!

I filled it up on the premium – now let’s roll! by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

I been addicted to DA for a week now in a unhealthy way… I been going through sooo many pics and favouriting many awesome ones.

But just liking other people’s work isn’t the only thing I came to deviantart for – I plan to make my own stuff too!

I lot of my future submissions will mostly be photos and screenshots from secondlife to begin with – but that doesn’t mean that is all I am sticking to.

Not sure how frequently I will be updating but plan to put out a regular supply of submissions. Hopefully this will help wean me off facebook, googe+ and other social services – they have all been taking up my time in wasteful ways.

But I have thought it worthy to tank up and get a premium account so I can go nuts on all the DA features.

As for this pic:
Driver: Me (Mudslinger Ning)
Location: Secondlife – Australia Sim

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