Flux Pony Revisited – feeding inspirations

Flux Pony Revisited – feeding inspirations by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Well – looks like my Flux Pony outfit has made an impression on the other folk in the MLP themed secondlife areas – that one or two of them were inspired to make an upgraded version of the flux backpack!

A while later I get invited by Tox (ryco.nirpaw) to come see what they have been up to and this pic is the result.

Design by: Tox (ryco.nirpaw)
Scripting by: Syanure (syanure.ghostaltar)

They say it’s not quite complete but it already has the ability to leave a trail of fire tyretracks like the Delorean time machine.

will be awesome to see the finished result. If I’m lucky I might even get one!

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