Cut & Run Music Video

Characters: (from left to right) Clare, Scarlett, Muddy, Sasa.

Did a bit of collaboration with my friend Scarlett (

We both did some recordings using our main avatars to make our own music video material – it began as her idea but I felt inspired to have a go at making my own so this video has become the first result.

Apart from my drive videos which were simple video edits – this one is a more heavier attempt at messing with transitions between clips and working to a set time slot to fit all the good clips in. Some transitions I kinda failed at but hey it’s not bad for a first attempt.

Not sure if I’ll do other similar clips yet.

“Cut & Run” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

The tools I used to bring it together:
(all used on a Linux operating system)

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