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Google+ Profile Picture Size Templates

Someone asked about having some kind of template to work on so they can get their profile appearing just the way they want it.

So I decided to help them out. Below you can download a copy of what I have been using in a few types of formats – just edit them to help set yourself new profile pictures that will hopefully line up just the way you want them to!

Here is my Google+ Profile for comparison/example:

For the profile photo:

[Download as JPG] [Download as XCF] [Download as PSD]

And for the profile background banner:

[Download as JPG] [Download as XCF] [Download as PSD]

Feel free to use these for creating your own – it would be cool to see more awesomely created profile pics. If you kids are lucky I might be tempted to add some optional layers to the XCF & PSD files later on depending on the feedback I get.

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