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Mar. 20.

Over the rainbow…


This is a bit of a tribute to a number of friends I have with unusual backgrounds.

Everyone has their own belief or theory, from an atheist perspective I’ve been able to observe that a lot of people (though not all of them) with a religiously biased view seem have a more likely tendency to oppose change, more so to oppose things that are different to them. For some unknown reson they fail to look at a bigger picture – that is everyone is effectively still considered human, we all have a lot of similiarities – 1 head, 1 ass, 1 brain and 4 limbs (unless you’re a well-endowed porn star!).

Regardless of one’s preferences, most people I’ve met who have come from minority backgrounds such as the Gay & Lesbian scene, or some religious group, or even just people who do some harmless weird hobby or social activity. These people are much the same – with the right consideration and co-operation they are no different to you and I…

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