Social Media Ransom Demands

I’ve noticed a bit of a fad going on at the moment in the world of social media – a revival of some frenzy that occurred some time ago where some people made demands that they would do or get something if their post got more than 1 million “likes” – this mostly occurred via facebook.

Well it’s a bit of an old joke now so the magic of it has kind of worn out – yet I am seeing almost more than daily some new recreated variation of the theme resurfacing.

I’d just like to say it’s getting boring guys… please stop it!

Anyways I thought I’d jump the humor bandwagon and make a parody of it that represents how I see this stupid activity… Enjoy!

Thanks to redwolf518stock for the background texture
Characters were setup and photographed within Second Life [link]
Image put together using Gimp [link]

Wait… What!… I don’t remember “Liking” that page!!!

Ok – I’ve seen many friends get caught on Facebook from clicking on dodgy pages that before you know it has auto-clicked “like” on your behalf.

Here is a classic example picture of what would appear on your own or a friend’s facebook feed.:

What a link like that would lead you to is often a “fake” youtube looking page or similiar page claiming to have some kind of video (or some kind of interesting thing). What these sites do as some may falsely offer something to view but might not actually have it. Or may actually have said clip or content.  but it’s what happens in the background that is the nasty bit. Continue reading Wait… What!… I don’t remember “Liking” that page!!!