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Meme Poster - Brace Yourselves
Apr. 24.

SL MEME – Brace Yourselves…

Meme Poster - Brace Yourselves

All you regular secondlife users will get this joke…

Don’t you hate it when your favourite hangouts start dropping out?
It’s like a giant game of leap-frog between simulators just to stay online.



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Aug. 26.

How high is the virtual sky?


Ok so I’m starting to look for a way to do these comics regularly – to help with this I’ve joined Tumblr to run an “Ask Muddy” type of blog to encourage activity.

for for my first response I give your the following comic. It didn’t appear as good as I hoped on the tumblr site but I think with some adjustments future posts will turn out better. (I might go back to it to fix the pics up later)

Oh and “Vera” gets to make an appearance in my comic – so now it’s not all just one character now. More characters may appear in later episodes.


My comic is also posted on:
Tumblr “ask” blog: http://mudslinger-ning.tumblr.com/
Deviantart: http://mudslinger-ning.deviantart.com/
Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/mudslinger.ning/

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Oct. 14.

SL Muckabout – Gangnam Dance & Shoop Lazor


A few friends and I decided to try and do a silly video in Second Life.

While I don’t possess a licence for the gangnam song – I found a free “royalty-free” tune to substitute from incompetech.com

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May. 27.

Filling a hole with fun…

One of the many kinds of moments I get to experience within Second Life is the “Lets do something random for a few minutes” events. Where someone discovers or starts something – everyone for reasons unknown decide to join in and take part.

In this case it’s a matter of someone found a hole in the ground under the main floor platform for an area. They got inside it. It appeared big enough to fit more avatars into it so we took up the challenge!

Managed to get around 15 avatars into this small hole. We could have gotten more in but nobody else showed up at the time.

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