An unusual perspective on BIG women…

I dropped into an area in Second Life today where there is a large shopping area for avatar clothing – and happened to see a large avatar there.

This was one of those moments where in my travels I stop and look back and go “what the?…… You don’t see THAT everyday!…”

Ordinarily you aren’t able to make your avatar much bigger than the standard size (equivalent to that of a large normal-sized human) so seeing an avatar this big really puts a different look on things..

So enjoy the following pictures:

When you see her without other avatars nearby – she doesn’t appear to be all that big. But when you see her form other perspectives…

This guy thinks he’s just died and gone to heaven…. Or is about to witness something which cannot be un-seen!

Caption: “Hello there little man – were you after the weather report?… it’s nice and sunny up here!”

If the radiation issues in Japan cause a Godzilla type effect – then I’d prefer it be her and not some giant lizard.

And some video of the moment: