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Dec. 30.

Ginger Kitten…

What’s that over there? by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

What’s that over there? I think it moved…

Kitten debating if he should trust the human. by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

These big humans are scary but they don’t seem to be as dangerous as I thought.

They must be ok if they keep bringing me foodstuffs…

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Dec. 23.

Video: Cute little kittens

We rescued a mother cat and some kittens recently. When these guys get old enough they will be found some new homes.

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Dec. 09.

ummm where are the humans taking us?

ummm where are the humans taking us? by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Fred & Ida on the day we picked them up from our local vet.

The vet asked us to look after them and rehome them.

We have already found Fred a new home, Ida has a home pending shortly. It’s good to see them find new happy homes to live in.

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Nov. 27.

Ida is bored…

Ida is bored… by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Why you not get the cat toys out?

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Nov. 27.

Ida wondering WTF I am doing.

Ida wondering WTF I am doing. by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

It takes a bit of timing to get some shots just right – dealing with the delayed press of the camera button on taking and saving the digital image – to getting the feline subject to be looking in the right direction just as the picture is taken.

One trick I do is when I am ready to take the shot (and often starting to press the shutter button) I make a small pop or hiss noise with my mouth or click my fingers just above or near the lens or direction I want the cat to face.

If they stare long enough I can then capture nice detailed shots – if they keep moving I just get more blurry pics.

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Nov. 11.

pictures of pussy…

I dumped a bunch of cool photos of some of the cats I have and have had onto DeviantArt.

Within 24hrs of posting and submitting to a handful of DeviantArt groups the recent batch of photos had gained a combined total of about 90 “likes” or “favs”.

So I figured I’d share them here on my blog as well.

Eye of Marius by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Claire Stare by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Marius by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

cat stare by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Friendly Togetherness by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Somebody’s uncomfortable! by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

This snoring is keeping me awake… by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

3 Kitties by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Freshly Packed by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

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Nov. 08.

Cat Rescuer Status…

Cat Rescuer Status… by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

The other half insisted that I put these on the car.

I guess now people will know that I am frequently surrounded by pussy…

Are you guys jealous?

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Aug. 09.

Gizmo – the blind cat

Gizmo – the blind cat by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

With a stare like this – you might not have known the cat was blind… Except for the fact the pupils are wide open…

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Picture of a kitten
Mar. 20.

I’m Baaack! (Hopefully)

After much messing about trying to figure out how the bad guys were getting in – I’m starting to rebuild the website again. – Some of you who have seen my previous posts I apologise in advance for reposting some of my older material.

If things go smoothly – expect to see more happening soon!

Meanwhile – have a picture of a kitten!

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