ABC Island survey results are now in.

So here are the results of the survey we conducted for the ABC Island sim within Second Life.¬†Aren’t you guys glad we made the survey anonymous!

The main aim of the survey was to assist with the redevelopment of the sim – since it’s barely changed much from when it was made. A new design is needed – but we can’t just waltz in and rebuild what we feel like. Because it’s a community sim and I’m hoping to bring that community aspect of it back into a living entity again we needed the survey to help shape my decisions.

One thing to note: While we did leave open responses to many questions for freestyle answers the survey system unfortunately didn’t capture all the stuff people have said – We’ve put in the comments pretty much as they were stored (with one or two minor edits due to formatting). The long comments ended up with the tail end cut off due to storage limits in the survey itself – so we didn’t get to read everything some of you had said.

So… lets get to the data we do have shall we? Continue reading ABC Island survey results are now in.

Mr Squiggle Want’s you!

I’ve been a busy little bee lately. Since I got my avatar in Second Life into the ranks of ABC Island’s Volunteer Admin (for a sim that the ABC is running in Second Life).

I’ve been working on the planning of some projects to try and bring some fresh air into the sim (since it really hasn’t changed much from the first days it was built)

Anyways – part of my grand plans on the place is to do a total revamp to the sim – new design, revised and improved features etc… but since it’s supposed to be a community environment I at least need some public feedback. So I went and made a survey for all you peeps to fill out! Continue reading Mr Squiggle Want’s you!