How high is the virtual sky?


Ok so I’m starting to look for a way to do these comics regularly – to help with this I’ve joined Tumblr to run an “Ask Muddy” type of blog to encourage activity.

for for my first response I give your the following comic. It didn’t appear as good as I hoped on the tumblr site but I think with some adjustments future posts will turn out better. (I might go back to it to fix the pics up later)

Oh and “Vera” gets to make an appearance in my comic – so now it’s not all just one character now. More characters may appear in later episodes.


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Exchanging pleasantries

When working in a call centre – you kinda get sick of saying the same boring responses to clients and their attempts of being a little social before they get to the point of their issue.

I’ve used this “alive and twitching” line in most of my calls. while most people don’t take in much of what I respond with – it does manage to catch the odd caller off-guard and they crack up laughing because they weren’t expecting such a response.