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May. 22.

Review: Retroshare – part of a possible new internet era?

Ok, a lot of you are probably seeing in the news lately of a battle going on between internet pirates, copyright trolls and media corporations. Lately it’s been looking like the copyright trolls and media corporations are winning – however this war of control seems to operate to some degree of balance and it seems like that balance is about to either equalize or swing the other way.


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Picture of a kitten
Mar. 20.

I’m Baaack! (Hopefully)

After much messing about trying to figure out how the bad guys were getting in – I’m starting to rebuild the website again. – Some of you who have seen my previous posts I apologise in advance for reposting some of my older material.

If things go smoothly – expect to see more happening soon!

Meanwhile – have a picture of a kitten!

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