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Feb. 24.

smartphone slow motion experiment


I got a new smartphone recently and found that it had a slow-motion option when recording video. I tested it out while at the Canberra Show on the weekend.

The device tested was a Samsung Galaxy Note2.

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Jan. 07.

Ice patterns across the roof of the car

Ice patterns across the roof of the car by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

During winter one of the cars is exposed to the elements. When it’s cold enough for a frost – I sometimes get some interesting patterns across the roof of the car.

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Jan. 07.

Flowers at Floriade

Flowers at Floriade by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

a small bug sunning himself on some flowers

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Dec. 23.

Driving: Have a nice day…

Driving: Have a nice day… by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

It’s Xmas season and I did a drive to the beach and back for a day. On the way back I felt inspired to create a fun view of my rear-end for all those crazy holiday travellers who were so keen to overtake me in their rush to make it to some holiday spot.

The dust had gathered on the car from an interstate drive a week before.

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Nov. 10.

Some Panoramic Scenes from my past weekend drives.

Australian Landscape by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Australian Roadside by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Australian Bushland by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

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Nov. 08.

Cat Rescuer Status…

Cat Rescuer Status… by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

The other half insisted that I put these on the car.

I guess now people will know that I am frequently surrounded by pussy…

Are you guys jealous?

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Aug. 27.

Car Posters: Datsun 120Y

Car Poster: Datsun 120Y by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Car Poster: Datsun 120Y #2 by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Instead of having a glossy, shiny, sparkly new looking car on a poster.

I guess this makes a bit of a parody of it using a friend’s old Paddock Basher in all it’s worn and torn glory!

Oh and here are some old videos of the beast in action:
(It’s old phonecamera footage so quality is really crap!)

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Aug. 27.

Sign: Skiing Kangaroo

Sign: Skiing Kangaroo by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Someone’s creativity with just a little electrical tape…

An old photo from a while back – when I was avidly taking snaps of Graffiti in my area. This was on a very major road in Canberra, Australia. Seems appropriate for living not that far away from the Snowy Mountains.

These days it now has a couple of other stickers on it that ruin the look.

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Jul. 08.


Dragonfly by ~mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Doesn’t look much like a dragon… but he flies!

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Jul. 05.

Long road to nowhere…

Long road to nowhere… by ~mudslinger-ning on deviantART

A very long straight road…

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