Driving: Have a nice day…

Driving: Have a nice day… by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

It’s Xmas season and I did a drive to the beach and back for a day. On the way back I felt inspired to create a fun view of my rear-end for all those crazy holiday travellers who were so keen to overtake me in their rush to make it to some holiday spot.

The dust had gathered on the car from an interstate drive a week before.

Ida wondering WTF I am doing.

Ida wondering WTF I am doing. by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

It takes a bit of timing to get some shots just right – dealing with the delayed press of the camera button on taking and saving the digital image – to getting the feline subject to be looking in the right direction just as the picture is taken.

One trick I do is when I am ready to take the shot (and often starting to press the shutter button) I make a small pop or hiss noise with my mouth or click my fingers just above or near the lens or direction I want the cat to face.

If they stare long enough I can then capture nice detailed shots – if they keep moving I just get more blurry pics.

pictures of pussy…

I dumped a bunch of cool photos of some of the cats I have and have had onto DeviantArt.

Within 24hrs of posting and submitting to a handful of DeviantArt groups the recent batch of photos had gained a combined total of about 90 “likes” or “favs”.

So I figured I’d share them here on my blog as well.

Eye of Marius by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Claire Stare by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Marius by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

cat stare by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Friendly Togetherness by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Somebody’s uncomfortable! by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

This snoring is keeping me awake… by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

3 Kitties by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Freshly Packed by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART