Second Life Movie Poster Meme

This post is a response to Strawberry Singh’s regular Monday Meme challenge. This week’s challenge was to make a movie poster theme for your avatar. I must say I sure have a number of ideas brewed up to meet this challenge – but only a limited amount of time to do it all. I may later make more posters but here is my first quickly rushed attempt.

Full size available at DeviantArt

It took me a while to make it but it seems to have turned out ok for a rushed attempt at roughly copycatting a movie poster. And it was also convenient that two of my VERA robot avatars already had their TRON outfits pre-arranged so setting up the main screenshot was greatly sped up.

Social Media Ransom Demands

I’ve noticed a bit of a fad going on at the moment in the world of social media – a revival of some frenzy that occurred some time ago where some people made demands that they would do or get something if their post got more than 1 million “likes” – this mostly occurred via facebook.

Well it’s a bit of an old joke now so the magic of it has kind of worn out – yet I am seeing almost more than daily some new recreated variation of the theme resurfacing.

I’d just like to say it’s getting boring guys… please stop it!

Anyways I thought I’d jump the humor bandwagon and make a parody of it that represents how I see this stupid activity… Enjoy!

Thanks to redwolf518stock for the background texture
Characters were setup and photographed within Second Life [link]
Image put together using Gimp [link]

Trolling V.E.R.A. – Animal Logic

My friend Dogwomble decided to have a little fun at Vera’s expense…

 [03:01] DogWomble Dollinger: you make about as much sense as a echidna giving a blowjob

[03:01] VERA Woodside: Yup.

[03:06] DogWomble Dollinger: are you a echidna that loves giving blowjobs?

[03:06] VERA Woodside: Am I a echidna that loves giving blowjobs? Yes.

(About V.E.R.A.)

Flux Pony

Flux Pony by ~mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Since I started checking out the “My Little Pony” scene I decided to have a go at making my own pony character.

I thought the “Dr Whooves” Time pony was cool – but so did everyone else – I saw lots of fans jumping the Dr Who bandwagon… I thought I needed to be unique here and come in at a different tangent.

Enter…. the Flux Pony!
(with the flux capacitor as the cutie mark)

Made within Secondlife, I bought a pony avatar and modded it to bear resemblance to a fusion of Doc Brown and the Delorean car from the movie “Back to the Future”. It’s a bit of a quick and dirty setup but feels effective enough to strut around in style…

Just don’t ask where I put the plutonium…..

Filling a hole with fun…

One of the many kinds of moments I get to experience within Second Life is the “Lets do something random for a few minutes” events. Where someone discovers or starts something – everyone for reasons unknown decide to join in and take part.

In this case it’s a matter of someone found a hole in the ground under the main floor platform for an area. They got inside it. It appeared big enough to fit more avatars into it so we took up the challenge!

Managed to get around 15 avatars into this small hole. We could have gotten more in but nobody else showed up at the time.