Podcast Series: Arse End of the Internet

My friends have formed a regular podcast that discusses random topics. While I am not one of the hosts. Who knows there may be the odd chance I might make the occasional appearance. Either way… ENJOY!


Ask ArseEnd is here! Ask us a question, and we will attempt to answer it like an absurd Agony Aunt!

The Arse End of the Internet is a podcast (also known as a netcast) that covers everything from the ridiculous to the sublime. We work with material posted to the ZGeek website plus your submissions and use them to talk shit. We should warn you though: if you’re easily offended by excessive swearing or by off-colour humour, we’re probably not the podcast for you.


What does chat spam taste like?

The story:

My instant chat messenger accounts (in this case it was skype) are usually quiet apart from some direct chatter from friends I know. But once in a while out of the blue I will get a sudden flirty person. Only to be disappointed that these online flirts are usually nothing but chat spam.

Now back in earlier days of the wild internet – chat scams and spam could be easily spotted in two ways: One was that you could tell you were chatting to a live person asking something from you who would be intelligent enough to give you dynamic responses. The other was spambots that just sent you a comment or two with a link that then hoped you’d follow the link.

This one I experienced seems to be part of a new tactic – using a dynamic AI chatbot to try and seem more convincing that you are talking to a person. (either that or someone’s damn good at following a series of prompts). What gave it away was a bit of the nature of how intelligent chatbots interact. They usually don’t say anything unless you say something back to them (in that they don’t act more randomly with their own well formed opinions on things) along with what I was suspecting – a URL to some shady sounding website.

Either way I thought I’d see how far this chat would go with a bit of my occasional style of cheekyness. – some of you will probably get a giggle out of parts of it. ENJOY!

The Chat – WARNING – it is a bit NSFW:

(chat names edited for identity reasons)

SPAMBOT: hey :)
Muddy: hello there
SPAMBOT: Hello … have we chatted before?? 23,female….you ?
Muddy: I am not sure – I just got a add-request from you
SPAMBOT: i’m sorry ….i get to be forgetful at times! how are u?
Muddy: I am ok – and you?
SPAMBOT: Just got online…..crazy week been kind of busy! but i’m feelin’ horny! so what’s up .. wanna have some fun ?   ;)
Muddy: oh? – well this is a surprise. A pleasant sounding surprise but I barely know you.. yet..  :)
SPAMBOT: I want a guy that can make me squirt….have you ever made a girl squirt?? hehehahaa
Muddy: I may have succeeded at some point. But I do need more practice.
SPAMBOT: going to change my underwear …. wanna see?  =)
Muddy: that depends – do you taste like chicken?
SPAMBOT: tastes good ;)
Muddy: finger lickin’?
SPAMBOT: mhhm finger it lolz
Muddy: ok then – yes I would like to see
SPAMBOT: wanna play on webcam ??
SPAMBOT: [WEBSITE URL REMOVED] click the Sign Up button on my profile ….ok,   now fill out ur information ,give it a sec to load…when you get in, I would luv for u to join me in private…..ok ??
Muddy: o.O
SPAMBOT: i use this website to play on cuz i don’t want to be recorded!!..this website does not allow members to record my webcam!! u know ??
Muddy: that might stop some – but it won’t stop everyone from recording a video
SPAMBOT: credit card is just to prove ur age, you will get in for free thru my page but you need to prove that you’re an adult ..can’t show tits and pussy to under agers, ya know ?
Muddy: that is true – but how many under age people would be sporting a decent beard?
SPAMBOT: i’m 23
Muddy: nice – I’m more 30-something
SPAMBOT: let me know when you’re done or if you need help ,i’ll be gettin’ ready for you ..ok ?  =)
Muddy: well I was getting interested until you asked me to join some other website
SPAMBOT: brb .. 1 sec … need to restart my cam ….you comin’?   :)
Muddy: I’d be more interested if you wanted a local meetup. But I doubt you live anywhere near me.
SPAMBOT: miami
Muddy: sorry – too far away for me
SPAMBOT: k ur ready lemme kno when ur in sweety …
Muddy: in where? Are you daring to ask me the dreaded “Is it in yet?”
SPAMBOT: r ya in yet ?
Muddy: *facepalms*
SPAMBOT: well hey ….u better gimmie some “gold” when you’re on the website l0l ….it’s like a flurt & I would some from ya  ..ok ??
Muddy: but you said the credit card would only be for age verification?
Muddy: well this has been entertaining – thankyou for being an interesting spambot
Muddy: and you are ok with that?
SPAMBOT: what’s taking you so long sexy i’m in here waitin for  ….
Muddy: you don’t really taste like chicken do you?
Muddy: what’s the matter? cat got your tounge?

At which point the chat has gone silent. Oh well – maybe the next “babe” that comes along will be a bit more fun to chat to.

Meme: NOOB Hope poster

Strawberry Singh’s Monday Meme challenge time. This time the instructions were:

Take a RL meme and bring it into SL. Or, if you prefer, create a new meme of yourself

Aside from posting a previously made meme: http://fav.me/d5rblog

I also made the following picture (and may make one or two more during the week):

Posted to DeviantArt: http://fav.me/d6ln7hd

Second Life Movie Poster Meme

This post is a response to Strawberry Singh’s regular Monday Meme challenge. This week’s challenge was to make a movie poster theme for your avatar. I must say I sure have a number of ideas brewed up to meet this challenge – but only a limited amount of time to do it all. I may later make more posters but here is my first quickly rushed attempt.

Full size available at DeviantArt

It took me a while to make it but it seems to have turned out ok for a rushed attempt at roughly copycatting a movie poster. And it was also convenient that two of my VERA robot avatars already had their TRON outfits pre-arranged so setting up the main screenshot was greatly sped up.

Second-Life Names Meme

I figured I’d make this post to join the bandwagon for a meme I saw via Google+. started by Strawberry Singh.

Basically it’s a simple little questionnaire about one’s Second-Life identity.

So here goes my version:

  1. What’s your SL name? Mudslinger Ning
  2. What made you choose this name? “Mudslinger was a carryover from a character I had when once playing the online game “Anarchy Online” where my character was a martial artist who didn’t need to weigh his hands down with weapons. The “Ning” surname I picked kinda fitted best at the time because it felt like there was some connection with the “Knights of Ni!” (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
  3. What’s your SL nickname, or what do most people call you? (if applicable) I am often called “Mud” or “Muddy”
  4. What’s your SL display name? Why do you choose to have one? (if applicable) Muddy – because it now feels simpler and opens more opportunity for new people I meet to not need to say the whole name in conversation.
  5. Do you like your SL name? Yes
  6. If you could change your SL name, what would it be? Right now I don’t want to change it.
  7. What’s the craziest/funniest SL name you’ve ever seen? I have seen so many but one that sticks in my mind is “Whowants Mayo” (which was actually created by a local RL friend) – otherwise just look in the people directory for anyone with the “Sideways” surname and you’ll be giggling for a while…
  8. What’s the coolest (your favourite) SL name you’ve ever seen? Do I really have to pick a favourite? I can’t seem to pick out a specific one…

You can read other people’s responses via the comments on [this link]

And in some recent shenanigans I made this avatar pictured below just for the sake of messing with the name – I don’t really like the guy (apart from a couple of songs) but for some reason I had the urge to create it.


Social Media Ransom Demands


I’ve noticed a bit of a fad going on at the moment in the world of social media – a revival of some frenzy that occurred some time ago where some people made demands that they would do or get something if their post got more than 1 million “likes” – this mostly occurred via facebook.

Well it’s a bit of an old joke now so the magic of it has kind of worn out – yet I am seeing almost more than daily some new recreated variation of the theme resurfacing.

I’d just like to say it’s getting boring guys… please stop it!

Anyways I thought I’d jump the humor bandwagon and make a parody of it that represents how I see this stupid activity… Enjoy!

Thanks to redwolf518stock for the background texture
Characters were setup and photographed within Second Life [link]
Image put together using Gimp [link]

SecondLife Animal Parade @ Australia


I dropped into an event at one of my regular hangouts. It was a surprise to see this event but I learned that this was from a crowd of people who do the occasional random parade at various locations throughout virtual world of Second Life.

I hoped to get a fair bit of video at the time but I ended up with some recording issues – either way I managed to get some reasonable footage to make up this video.

The event was posted here:

IRez site main page:

Music from:


In addition I found that someone else made some video of it and it turned out even more awesome than my video effort of the event!


Filling a hole with fun…

One of the many kinds of moments I get to experience within Second Life is the “Lets do something random for a few minutes” events. Where someone discovers or starts something – everyone for reasons unknown decide to join in and take part.

In this case it’s a matter of someone found a hole in the ground under the main floor platform for an area. They got inside it. It appeared big enough to fit more avatars into it so we took up the challenge!

Managed to get around 15 avatars into this small hole. We could have gotten more in but nobody else showed up at the time.