Reconnecting with Retroshare

It’s been a little while since I was last into retroshare. Anyways long story short I eventually managed to screw up the test computer I was trying it out on and lost the whole test identity. This time around I am making a more everyday identity to communicate with friends with. If you are a friend or share similiar interests and want to connect – contact me on one of the “traces of me” down the side of my blog site here. If I know you or you seem interesting I’ll add your key and provide my new one in return.

Review: Retroshare – part of a possible new internet era?

Ok, a lot of you are probably seeing in the news lately of a battle going on between internet pirates, copyright trolls and media corporations. Lately it’s been looking like the copyright trolls and media corporations are winning – however this war of control seems to operate to some degree of balance and it seems like that balance is about to either equalize or swing the other way.

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