Meme: NOOB Hope poster

Strawberry Singh’s Monday Meme challenge time. This time the instructions were:

Take a RL meme and bring it into SL. Or, if you prefer, create a new meme of yourself

Aside from posting a previously made meme:

I also made the following picture (and may make one or two more during the week):

Posted to DeviantArt:

How high is the virtual sky?


Ok so I’m starting to look for a way to do these comics regularly – to help with this I’ve joined Tumblr to run an “Ask Muddy” type of blog to encourage activity.

for for my first response I give your the following comic. It didn’t appear as good as I hoped on the tumblr site but I think with some adjustments future posts will turn out better. (I might go back to it to fix the pics up later)

Oh and “Vera” gets to make an appearance in my comic – so now it’s not all just one character now. More characters may appear in later episodes.


My comic is also posted on:
Tumblr “ask” blog:

Second Life Movie Poster Meme

This post is a response to Strawberry Singh’s regular Monday Meme challenge. This week’s challenge was to make a movie poster theme for your avatar. I must say I sure have a number of ideas brewed up to meet this challenge – but only a limited amount of time to do it all. I may later make more posters but here is my first quickly rushed attempt.

Full size available at DeviantArt

It took me a while to make it but it seems to have turned out ok for a rushed attempt at roughly copycatting a movie poster. And it was also convenient that two of my VERA robot avatars already had their TRON outfits pre-arranged so setting up the main screenshot was greatly sped up.

Social Media Ransom Demands

I’ve noticed a bit of a fad going on at the moment in the world of social media – a revival of some frenzy that occurred some time ago where some people made demands that they would do or get something if their post got more than 1 million “likes” – this mostly occurred via facebook.

Well it’s a bit of an old joke now so the magic of it has kind of worn out – yet I am seeing almost more than daily some new recreated variation of the theme resurfacing.

I’d just like to say it’s getting boring guys… please stop it!

Anyways I thought I’d jump the humor bandwagon and make a parody of it that represents how I see this stupid activity… Enjoy!

Thanks to redwolf518stock for the background texture
Characters were setup and photographed within Second Life [link]
Image put together using Gimp [link]

Robo Punk Pirate Guy…

Robo Punk Pirate Guy… by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

I got bored while on a trip to a family gathering.

There is no reason behind this picture, no purpose, and no common sense.

Apart from maybe being partly inspired by trogdor…

This drawing experiment was made using a wacom device and the mypaint application on linux.

A Borked SL Avatar

A Borked SL Avatar by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

Taken a long time ago in a former Second Life area. I found this avatar that had borked – in that the body was there but the owner had logged out. (The glitch at the time prevented some people from logging back in).

This one was originally riding a broom stick – but I thought I’d position my cheetah in place to make it look like she’s riding a pussy through the skies.

Secondlife themed graffiti

Secondlife themed graffiti by *mudslinger-ning on deviantART

First serious use of my wacom tablet… To draw immature toilet wall graffiti!

It is one of the props I am setting up for a machinima scene within Second Life.

The intended scene is where a character comes to sit down on the toilet and snickers at the graffiti while taking his time…

It will be part of a series of parody videos that will both mock and appreciate the virtual world I am addicted to.