V.E.R.A. Project

What is VERA?

VERA being short for “Versatile Electronic Remote Automation” – it’s a bit of a crap naming method I know but I thought I’d make up a feminine name for this project. VERA’s concept is just messing around with bot avatars in Secondlife.

I’m not expecting a lot from this project apart from a little bit of entertainment and possible usefulness in some automation tasks. As I experiment with what I can make VERA do – she may gain more capabilities as I develop them.

VERA’s current configurations:

  • Main back-end for the bots are running off the Pikkubot software http://www.pikkubot.de (Previously on the JVA Multi-Purpose Bot Software – however the JVA system seems to be no longer in development).
  • VERArobot is so far not yet assigned to do anything special.
  • VERA Woodside Hangs out at the Australia sim. Chats back to you if you type “vera” in anything you say in instant message or local chat.
  • VERAmatic hangs out at my home parcel in the November sim @ “Muddy’s Hideout”. This VERA is mainly being a modelling bot for a friend’s shop at that location while at the same time being my testing bot for some scripted bot tools I am making.
  • VERAsonic is so far not yet assigned to do anything special.
  • Chatbot connection runs through the pandora bot system.

What is VERA currently doing or planning to do?

  • Chat interaction system – attempting to provide conversation to lonely Second Life avatars.
  • [pending idea] Sim Health Monitor – charting out various stats of various things that affect sim performance.
  • [in development] Operating as an automated landlord in Mudslinger’s hideout.
  • [in development] Operating as a modelling bot for clothing items at an in-world store.
  • [pending idea] Train VERA to detect use of common in-world greifer and weapon tools and implement an auto-ban capability for non-weapon community areas.
  • [pending idea] Skynet?

Chatting with VERA:

You can either locate “VERArobot” or “VERA Woodside” in-world via their profiles or by dropping into the locations listed above and chat to VERA via IM.

If you just want the raw back-end to the chat system you can click on this link.

For additional entertainment – if you have had an entertaining conversation with VERA and want to share it. Email me your chat log (edited or unedited depending on what you want published) to verachats@colinnashonline.com



While it is possible and appears to be automatic for the VERA bots to be logging conversations and various other activities happening around them. The information they collect is treated only for the immediate technical uses the VERA bots are configured for.  The direct owner of the bots may be able to directly see VERA’s view of local chat and IM messages (and may sometimes choose to interact for some laughs) But will not be keeping these chat logs for any other purpose. The chat logs are not configured with any kind of backup strategy so cannot be expected to be holding too much history in immediate bot logs.

And NO – while VERA’s in-world appearance may be a sexy woman I am not planning on equipping her with any adult sexbot or fembot features! VERA will remain as a well sealed and featureless barbie-doll in the “downstairs department”

While overall statistics may be published in various ways – identifiable data is likely to only be disclosed to Linden Labs or the Authorities for the purposes of any abuse reports if deemed necessary (but is unlikely to happen). Unless you have emailed me some amusing chat-log snippet to publish.