Who is Muddy/Colin?

Who is Colin Nash?

Colin is known as this humanoid type critter who lives on this crazy little planet called Earth. Colin hides in a part of the planet called Canberra in the Australia continent.

Initially this creature grew up around the Narromine & Dubbo areas of Australia but moved to Canberra in order to escape the small town mentality that occurs in regional areas where you could barely do anything without half the town gossiping about you minutes after you did whatever it was you were doing….

What the hell does Colin do?

What He’s paid to do:

Contracted Helpdesk Tech Support for a big tech company.

What he does in his spare time:

Virtual worlds addict who often logs into Second-life and also has a fetish for Linux operating systems and cool Open Source projects.


Colin also does the occasional volunteer work for a charity known as the “Bridge Back to Life Foundation” which operates in the Canberra area providing accommodation and resources for homeless young men.

In addition Colin is operating as a volunteer admin member for the Second-life land called “ABC Island” that is run by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

On occasion will also get involved in a little bit of animal rescue with his partner with rescuing and re-homing cats from various conditions and backgrounds.

Moments of fame:

Featured in the “Jo’s Mo Show” photo stream for the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, The photo above is the one featured in this flickr photostream.

Who is this “Muddy” character?

Muddy or otherwise known as “Mudslinger Ning” is Colin’s current online identity within virtual worlds such as Second-life. Often seen running about online as a form of anthro-cheetah creature.

Why is Muddy a furry character?

Quick answer: “Forgot to shave…”

Long Answer: Since the early days of joining the Second-life world I found it uncomfortable to run about in a crappy looking human styled avatar (and still haven’t found one to feel comfortable in). So I came across the furry scene and found the furry form a better way to present myself with a bit of style and personality.

In addition the choice of animal I settled for the cat/feline type of appearance to mix in the cat rescue side of my lifestyle. My current main avatar appearance is based on a snow coloured cheetah to closely match the appearance of one of my rescue cats who has become regular part of the household. While I can be seen in other forms of avatars – most of the time I will be a feline.

What the hell? This guy has female personas too?

Yes it’s true – I figured “why not?” and have had a go at setting up female variations of my avatar. My reasons for this are mixed including the ability to scare off those who may be pestering me with sexual advances (changing genders scares most of them away). And to get different levels of interaction out of people (using a specific gender appearance in some places gets me better co-operation or conversation). And also when you spend a lot of time starting at your avatar’s backside while online – you kind of want it to be eye candy on occasion.

And it’s not just one character, while “Muddy” may change form between genders, styles and appearances. Often Muddy needs to be in two places at once while online. Thus the Second-life character “Claire Namiboo” was born. She is used as a extension of Muddy to help monitor a location for admin duties or to tune into a music club or conversation with friends while using Muddy to build things or do other admin duties in some Second-life locations. Claire’s first tasks were to be a tester for some of Muddy’s creations and also act as a decoy for deterring some avatars from flirting with (annoying) Muddy when attempting to build and make things.

Why is this guy even doing this website?

Since the internet is a constantly changing place – many services will come and go. I needed a spot on the internet where friends, family and other people can find and contact me. Thus my own website was born!

Originally it had lived at other locations and had started out life as “Mad Nashy’s World” which was started once I hard started learning about how to make websites in HTML. I also tried my hand at making my own graphics for it (this banner image is one of the few pictures I have left from the old site).

The overall appearance turned out comparable to what many homepages looked like on services on “Geocities” (a popular free website hosting service of the time) which was very amateurish but I liked it.

This modernised wordpress-based website operates as a Blog on some of the random stuff I do and links to a number of current online internet profiles I have with various services such as Facebook, Twitter and so forth. Essentially this site is just natural evolution from what I was originally doing. Just this time around I’m not coding the thing from the ground up but instead using a pre-made blogging system to take care of the formatting and back-end management of presenting my content.

How can I contact this awesome guy?

Down the sides of this site – most pages should be a section called “Traces of me online” – pick your method of communication from there…